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hd_worldcup Fic Recs!

Title: Harry's Pockets
Author: [ profile] joanwilder
Team: AU
Prompt: 10. Well, you just let the kneazle out of the bag.
Wordcount: 29,300
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: None.
Summary: Clowns are downright creepy, Harry's always thought, so when he and Luna hire one to work in their Party Props shop, he prepares for the worst.

Draco as a clown? OMG y'all, it so works. My Team AU co-captain Joan, has written a gorgeous fic that features clown!Draco, Minister!Snape, and kind-of-living-as-a-muggle!Harry. And Joan's portrayal of Luna in this fic is one of the things I love the most. Go read it now!


Title: primum mobile, or ten forgotten things
Team: AU
Author: [ profile] kirinin
Prompt: 20. Close your eyes and think of Hogwarts.
Wordcount: just over 4,000
Rating: PG
Warnings: None, really.
Summary: The truth: logic isn't in the lump in his throat, in his stuttering pulse. He needs the certainty of his name on someone else's lips, which means he needs Malfoy...

Wow. [ profile] kirinin says so much in just 4k words. I read it through 3 times, and discovered something new each time I read it. It's beautiful and I absolutely loved the way that Draco and Harry chose to work/stay together when it seemed like everything was falling apart. It's great!


Title: The Magical Mystery Tour
Team: AU
Author: [ profile] teganscrush
Prompt: 12. Keep your friends close, and your enemies stupefied.
Wordcount: 15,010
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Minor language.
Summary: The Magical Mystery Tour is the must-see show of the Wizarding world, but when a new act joins up, events take a sudden and potentially deadly turn. Leave it to Harry Potter and his literary hero to save Draco Malfoy, and the day as well.

I have to admit, I wasn't too sure about this fic. The Hogwarts crowd in a circus? Seriously? However, I adore [ profile] teganscrush, so I gave it a shot. And I am so glad I did! It's hilarious! I love trailer-trash!Ginny, contortionist!Draco (I mean, how hot is that idea?), and the secret pairing she threw in cracked me up. You will love it!


Title: Comfort After Pain
Team: AU
Author: [ profile] akiko88
Prompt: 4. Never tickle a sleeping dragon.
Wordcount: ~12,000
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Some blood and a few curse words.
Summary: When Harry decided to visit the Dragon Preservation Centre Britain, he hadn’t quite thought it would turn out this way.

Such a great use of the prompt! [ profile] akiko88's characterization of Harry and Draco was my favorite part of this story. I loved the cameo from Charlie, and the story is so detailed without being wordy. It's a great read!


Title: The First Day Of Spring
Team: AU
Artist: [ profile] reira_21
Prompt: 6. No use in crying over spilt potion.
Rating: R
Warnings: Naked men.
Summary: Since Voldemort's death, winter has lasted for three years.

I AM DED. It's breathtaking, it's tragic, it's gorgeous and it's so many other words that I can't even think of right now. Just please go look at it. You'll be glad you did.
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Title: Six Years
Author: [ profile] chyldofeternity
Team: AU
Prompt: 24. Don't count your mandrakes before they're re-potted.
Wordcount: 4,298
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Angst, character death.
Summary: Hermione's a new Psychiatrist at the Institute. Will she be able to help her troubled patient with his illness?

Chyld forgot to add character death to the list of warnings, and people flipped a shit about it. It's added now, but I feel like adding that warning takes something away from the fic. But it is an amazing fic, and a great representation for Team AU, so check it out and be sure to vote give him love!
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So my fic just dropped over at [ profile] hp_crackdealers, and there are two reasons you should check it out. The first is that it's funny. At least I think it's funny. So it would be funny if you have a sense of humor like mine. The other reason is that my little fic looks lonely with no comments. I'm just sayin.

So go read it!

Draco Malfoy's New Robes

Word to ya mutha.


Dec. 9th, 2008 07:09 pm
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My ljbff [ profile] lotus_lizzy wrote me a super fluffy fic. It's sweet and cuddly, and my favorite kind of Draco ever. You should check it out!

Author: [ profile] lotus_lizzy
Title: Bedside Manner
Rating: PG
Word Count: 700
Summary: Ron & Hermione walk in on something they did not want to see

I was in the mood to overdose with fluff, and Elizabeth totally delivered!! So check it out while I go have a peanut butter & jelly sandwich for dinner. :)
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So mrdavismdmy bff and I went to NYC this past weekend! We stayed with my ljbff [ profile] lotus_lizzy and her hubby Adam, and we all had so much fun!

We saw more sights than I even considered being able to see, and I learned many things, such as:

-Elizabeth and I are not big on travel plans.

-It's fun to stay at the YMCA, especially when there's cake, old people, balloons, and a really really Italian guy named Michael.

-Picabo Street now works in the Intensive Care Unit.

-Adam will always indulge my "your mom" jokes, but he is spoken for.

-If you are ever in NYC and want to take a bus tour, there is a very nice man named Latif who can help you. Just, uh...don't tell him I sent you.

-Last week, a guy stood up on a tour bus and was decapitated by a street light. Dead. True story.

-The legal age of consent in the UK is 16. Which makes me really want to go to the UK and track down a cute British boy named James.

-There is only one building in NYC that was not the tallest building in the world at any point in time.

-Cats can play fetch.

-And finally, Daniel Radcliffe's penis is proportionate to his body, and his testicles appear to be of average size.

My feelings on Equus - prepare to be disappointed in my descriptive skills )

Also, on Saturday, we got to have dinner with [ profile] bk7brokemybrain! Because mrdavismdmy bff is the only person in my RL who knows about my HP slash fascination, although he's not really into it, it was so nice to have a discussion with people who understand why I love it. I only wish we could have talked even longer. Oh well, there's always next trip! :)
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Woo Hoo!

One of the two shorts I wrote for [ profile] the_ass_fest posted! If you have an affinity for AS/S, you should check it out here!!!
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So my friend [ profile] lotus_lizzy and I were discussing our mutual love of hot, sweaty, steamy club fics, and decided to create a new comm, [ profile] hd_atdaclub to showcase the best of the genre. So check it out, pimp your fics, and rec your favorites!


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