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hd_worldcup Recs!

I'm still a bit behind on my fic reading, but I'm catching up tonight, so keep a look out for more recs from me!

Please please read these fics, they're phenomenal!! And I'm not just saying that because one of them is mine

Title: Non Faux Pas
Team: AU
Author: [ profile] thesamanthahope
Prompt: 3. A poisonous toadstool never changes its spots.
Wordcount: 6000
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Non-magic, slight OOC, graphic sex, rimming, top!Draco
Summary: When Harry agrees to take etiquette lessons with his best friend, he learns much more than he planned.

This is the original fic I submitted for [ profile] hd_worldcup. I absolutely loved writing it, and the reception seems positive! Check it out!

Non Faux Pas


Title: Enchantment; Loss
Team: AU
Author: [ profile] dracofiend
Prompt: 23. A snitch in time saves nine hours of Quidditch.
Wordcount: 11,589
Rating: R
Warnings:Implied chan.
Summary: Harry wishes for one thing only.

GUH. There are really no words to describe this and do it justice. It's AU to the extreme - yet still stays true to canon characterizations. There is such a feeling of longing throughout the entire story, and a hopeful ending the relieves the ache. Truly beautiful.

Enchantment; Loss


Title: Veiled Threats
Team: AU
Author: cyane_snape
Prompt: 18. "This one time, at Hogwarts..."
Wordcount: 22,369
Rating: NC-17ish
Warnings: Mpreg, misbehaving Veela, dirty words, dirtier sex.
Summary: No one had any idea what had really happened that eventful year, but then there was that one day they all remembered…that one time, at the final battle at Hogwarts when everything changed and Harry and Draco disappeared. According to the authorities, the savior had been kidnapped and the Minister had no other choice than to issue a warrant for the immediate arrest of Draco Malfoy on charges of treason.

Veela! Oh, how I love a good veela fic. And this one is great! It is the perfect blend of creature fic classics and new innovations and creativity. If you have a kink for creature fics, you must read this one!!

Veiled Threats


And this isn't a fic rec, but the cutest piece of bum art I've seen in a long time!

Title: Draco Malfoy in 'Drunk as a house elf'
Team: AU
Artist: camenaluscinia
Prompt: 14. Drunk as a house elf.
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Naked butt.
Summary: A certain Gryffindor plays a prank on Draco Malfoy with help from Dobby the house elf.

It's adorable! And I'm not just talking about Draco's bum. Check it out!!

Draco Malfoy in 'Drunk as a house elf'
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